Benefits of Growing Rice



Texas is the 5th largest rice producing state in the U.S.

The industry contributes more than a billion dollars to the state economy each year

Generates thousands of jobs

Jobs come through:

Direct farm employment like equipment operators and irrigation coordinators

And indirect employment like trucking, processing and equipment sales, service and manufacturing



No other type of agriculture is as friendly to the environment and wildlife as rice production


More than 2 million waterfowl and over 100 species of birds can be found in the rice ecosystems of Texas



Probably every one of you can readily trace your family’s history to the time when they were totally dependent on agriculture of some kind. How many generations do you have to go back to get to your agricultural roots? How have those roots shaped your family and eventually who you are today?


Rice is a foundation for a cultural heritage that has shaped and continues to shape South Texas


This agrarian lifestyle trains successive generations of people who:
- Provide civic leadership in their communities and beyond
- Are stewards of the land and the environment
- Who understand, appreciate and live out the principles of faith, family and freedom