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Texas Rice Industry Coalition for the Environment (Texas R.I.C.E) is a 501C3 organization dedicated to furthering conservation initiatives while preserving and enhancing rice farming infrastructure within the 18 county Texas Rice Belt.


Some of the goals of Texas R.I.C.E. are as follows:

The Texas Rice Belt provides habitat to millions of migratory birds. Our goal is to work with rice farmland landowners to help improve their lands for rice farming and to also provide greatly enhanced habitat for the many species of birds that winter and migrate through this area. Since the 1960’s the Texas rice belt has diminished from approximately 600,000 acres to a little under 200,000 acres in 2011. Our goal is to stabilize rice farming in the coastal plain, which will maintain the largest freshwater ecosystem left in this area.


Texas R.I.C.E. assists rice farmland owners in refurbishing their water delivery systems, eliminating exotic species, precision leveling their fields, installing water control structures along with other important measures that can greatly improve the rice farmers yields and efficiency.
In turn, the rice fields can be utilized to hold large acreage of shallow water, which provide excellent habitat to enormous numbers of waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds and other wildlife.


Texas R.I.C.E. has constructed/restored wetland and moist soil habitat and restored native prairie on some of the largest rice farms and ranches on the Texas coast on public and private inlands including the Pierce Ranch, Anahuac NWR, Mad Island Preserve, LeTulle Ranch, Brazoria NWR, Hubbard Ranch, Mad Island WMA, Justin Hurst WMA, Guadalupe Delta WMA, San Bernard NWR, Big Boggy NWR, Wendt Farms, Two Bayou’s Ranch and many others. Maintaining and improving rice farming in the Texas coastal plain is critical to the future of conservation and waterfowl hunting. Texas R.I.C.E. is working to ensure that future.


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Education and enhancement of the rice resource in the Gulf Coast ecosystem are the goals of Texas R.I.C.E.'s current and planned projects.

Among the projects currently being conducted are public access bird viewing sites which consist of viewable rice fields flooded for waterfowl habitat during the winter months. Sites are planned for all of the counties of the Texas rice growing areas.


Texas R.I.C.E. has also developed studies to measure public perception concerning the rice industry and rice farming on the part of both the public and environmental and conservation groups. This information is being used to develop educational programs for school and the public. These programs will stress the importance of the coastal areas of Texas to fish, birds and wildlife as well as defining rice farming's place in this important area of upper Texas Gulf Coast in and around the Houston area.


Texas R.I.C.E. also participates with other groups in the Gulf Coast area involved with creating and conserving migratory waterfowl habitat, preserving the coastal ecosystem and consensus building on issues of mutual concern to diverse stakeholders. It is believed that these alliances and joint efforts being made will help protect the upper Texas Gulf Coast now and in the future to preserve its invaluable place as the winter home of the Central Flyway as well as the year round home of Texas' diverse population of shore birds, raptors, and other wildlife, dependent on the richness of this ecosystem.



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