Texas Rice Industry expresses concern over imports as another blow to survival (PDF) (April 4, 2013)

Rice farmers expressed deep concern about plans by American Rice, Inc., the largest buyer of Texas rice, to import rice from Vietnam to replace lost supplies from the lower Colorado River basin resulting from the cutoff of irrigation water.

Nightly Business Report interview of Ronald Gertson about drought impacts on rice farming

Rice farmers in the lower Colorado River basin believe the proposal by the Central Texas Water Coalition for LCRA to buy their land is misguided, unfeasible and based on false information. To correct the misinformation, the Colorado Water Issues Committee - a group of farmers in Wharton, Matagorda and Colorado counties - would like to set the record straight.

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For more than a century, rice farming has shaped the economy, environment and communities of the Texas Coastal plains. Here, along the banks of the Colorado River, families are stewards of the river.

Rice farming draws on Colorado River water to create a:

Colorado Water Issues Committee
Colorado Water Issues Committee
Colorado Water Issues Committee
Colorado Water Issues Committee
Safe, abundant and nutritious
source of food
Source of jobs
Wetlands habitat
for waterfowl and migrating birds
agrarian tradition and legacy

Texas Colorado River Map
The Colorado Water Issues Committee was founded to protect this tradition.
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